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“Don't think about making art, just get it done.  Let everyone else decide if it is good or bad, whether they love it or hate it.  While they are deciding, make even more art."

-Andy Warhol

Initially training as a textile designer, Vicky returned to her grass roots of drawing and painting, she has been working professionally since 2007, mostly to private commission. 


Vicky specialises in animal portraiture, and throughout her career has worked with countless clients both at home, and abroad.  Acrylic paint is Vicky's preferred medium, she also works in pencil, pastel and gouache.  With an innate ability to capture the character of her subjects, combined with an exceptional level of fine detail Vicky creates photorealistic, bespoke pieces of art that always exceed the expectations of her clients.  

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For all commission enquires and purchasing please contact Vicky Tucker directly via her contact links.


Living in a rural location in North Yorkshire enables Vicky to take inspiration from the rich colours, wildlife, and space on her doorstep, she loves nothing more than spending time out in the wilds with her family.

Private commissions come first and foremost, when spare time permits Vicky indulges her creativity and paints what she wants.  Favourites include large canvases with vibrant, colour rich landscapes of places visited with her family.  Also, beautiful studies of horses and African wildlife have further developed Vicky's skill and fueled her passion for painting animal portraiture.  Collaboration with international photographers has enabled Vicky to create stunning pieces of art, many of which have have been published as cards and prints, that sell world wide. 


 Vicky has devoted much of her commission free time to raising awareness of endangered species and helping to fund-raise to help conservation projects.  Throughout her career Vicky has donated a percentage of her profits to selected charities Explorers Against Extinction and Skydog Sanctuary.   Her donated artworks were shortlisted to the top 100 entries in the Explorers Against Extinction Charity auction, Sketch for Survival, in 2020, 2021 and 2022.  Included in an exhibition tour with other artists and celebrities, Vicky's artwork sold at auction with all proceeds going to conservation efforts around the world.   

 Vicky's determination to make a difference continues to be a focus in her artwork.    

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Exhibitions / Artwork on Display / Workshops


2023           Leven Art Society                                          Kirby Village Hall, Demo & Workshop

2023           Crowberrywood Shop                                   Helmsley, East Riding

2023           Leven Art Society                                          Exhibition, Stokesley Town Hall

2023           African Wildlife Art                                      Online

2023          The Nationaal Gallery,                                  Stokesley, North Yorkshire


2022          The Nationaal Gallery,                                 Stokesley, North Yorkshire

2022          African Wildlife Art                                      Online

2022          Northlight Gallery                                         Leeds

2022          Yorkshire Art Gallery                                    Richmond

2022          Explorers Against Extinction (finalist)         Virtual Gallery Online


2022          Explorers Against Extinction (finalist)          London Gallery @Oxo London

2022          Explorers Against Extinction (finalist)          Virtual Gallery, The Explorers Club, New York

2022          Explorers Against Extinction (finalist)          The Crypt Gallery, Norwich

2022          Explorers Against Extinction  (finalist)         The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

2022           Solo Exhibition, Wild Passions                      The Station Gallery, Richmond

2021            Explorers Against Extinction (finalist)          Virtual Gallery

2021            Explorers Against extinction (finalist)          London Gallery @Oxo London

2021            Explorers Against Extinction (finalist)          The Crypt Gallery, Norwich

2021            Leven Art Society Exhibition                           Townhall, Stokesley

2020           Explorers Against Extinction (finalist)            Virtual Online Gallery

2020           Solo Exhibition, Up To Now...                           The Station Gallery, Richmond

2019             Leven Art Society Exhibition                           Townhall, Stokesley

2018             Leven Art Society Exhibition                           Townhall, Stokesley

2018             Frame Design Gallery                                      Guisborough

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