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1st June - 31st August

It is very rare that Vicky puts any original pieces of work into sale.  However, to celebrate becoming a full time artist in September of this year, and to make some space future artworks, she has decided to have a clear out of some older pieces, and block canvases that can get damaged in storage. 

It is always a wrench to part with originals due to the time spent producing them but Vicky cannot wait to see them go to new homes where they will be appreciated for years to come. 

Please note - this summer sale will run for the months of June, July and August only.  

Due to most of the artworks being original pieces they are one of a kind (some are in limited edition reprint) so it is advisable to purchase quickly to avoid disappointment.  The reduction prices are final and will not be reduced further, at the end of August the artworks will return to their original price.  

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